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카소 칸디큐 플러스_50㎖


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[ENG] CASO CandiQ. is " Side-effect-free Green Med"

 ▶ Product Name :CASO CandiQ Plus.

 ▶ Category : Medical Device Class 1 (License/Registration Nr. Gwangju 22)

 ▶ Ingredients : Artemisia extract, Pine niddle Oil, Lanolin Oil.

 ▶ Effects

   - Prevention & Treatment of the infectious diseases caused by Microbes.

   - Candida-Vaginitis, Stomatitis, Dermatitis, Acne, Dandruff (Candida albicans, M.furfur): PMID/17071952, PMID/9055360 etc.

   - Herpes Simplex Virus : PMID/11338678

   - Septic Bacteria(Escherichia coli, Straphylococcus aureus, Salmonella pp.)

   - Itching & scabies caused by Lice & Mites: PMID/18816275

  ▶ Functional Mechanism : induce structural damage at bacterial and fungal cell membranes/ inhibit proliferation of Microbes

  ▶ Usage : 1~2 times topical spray on the spots

Developed by the Natural Ingredients Institute of CASO Dom Ltd, CASO CandiQ Plus is a patented Quasi-Drug formula
of natural essential oils.
CASO CandiQ Plus prevents Candidiasis on skin by helping strengthen its immunity.

CASO Dom Ltd. only uses the most carefully selected fresh herbs for ingredients.

Our herbs are collected from highly elevated areas of Mt. Duk-Yu, at least 500 meters above sea level,

they are certified organic, and are naturally dried for 3 years before we use them.

To ensure the effectiveness of our products and to always be truthful and honest, CASO Dom Ltd.

ceaselessly continues its efforts in research and scientific study.

CASO CandiQ Plus is a <Quasi-Medicine> skin therapy formulated with pure essence extracted from medicinal herbs.

CASO CandiQ Plus is 100% Pure Essence,
Safe to Use * Free of artificial antiseptic substances, surfactants and colors
* No heavy metals and farming drugs
* No skin, eye & mouth toxins
* Tested for skin sensitivities
* Approved as a <Quasi-Medicine> by KFDA(2004.11)

CASO CandiQ Plus has multi-functional effects.
* Dissolves impurities in skin pores and cleans the skin.

* Kills several bacteria and parasitizing fungi on skin, especially Candida albicans & Malassesia furfur.
* Naturally stimulates the areas of the body its applied to help recover damaged skin and slackened tissue & muscles.
* Quickly targets bacteria and fungi

Shelf life is one(1) years from the date of production in room temperature.
Always read the label and product information before use.  
Only for topical application. Store it under 25°C and out of the reach of children.

caso Candi Q Plus (카소 칸디큐 플러스) 상품정보제공고시

제품명caso Candi Q Plus.(카소 칸디큐 플러스)제품주요사항천연에센스100% / 모든피부용
용량50mL제조국대한민국/전북 무주
사용기한제품 제조일자로 부터 3년제조판매업자농업회사법인(주)카소돔
주요성분시베리아 야생육송솔잎오일,
덕유산 고지대 야생 약쑥추출물,네롤리오일
기능성여부칸디다 알비칸스 균 사멸효과 78%

1) 화장품 사용 시 또는 사용 후 직사광선에 의하여 사용부위가 붉은 반점, 부어오름 또는 가려움증 등의 이상 증상이나 부작용이 있는 경우 전문의 등과 상담할 것

2) 상처가 있는 부위 등에는 사용을 자제할 것

3) 보관 및 취급 시의 주의사항

가) 어린이의 손이 닿지 않는 곳에 보관할 것

나) 직사광선을 피해서 보관할 것

4) 사용하기 전 충분히 흔들어 서 내용액이 잘 섞이 도록 할 것.


심사 필 유무
품질보증기준본 제품에 이상이 있을 경우 공정거래위원회 고시 소비자분쟁해결기준에 의거 교환 또는 보상 받을 수 있습니다.
판매원SA COMPANY(에스에이컴퍼니)소비자상담 관련
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